To what despair…words that are but a glare.

     To my despair it could written, lethargically, desolate, and all that is hidden. The words rage from within, as one who ascends to summit it all. Yet the barren descends, and gathers the fall. 

     Yet, my words will spring not, nor come to be. Yet, to my despair I gather it all. If, I had but a word I’d render it all…I look to leaves, if they would but fall. 

Let it fall…let it fall on it all.


About savingelbert

I was lost and then was found. I was lost again...only to rebound (in Christ Jesus). To fall once more, I hit the lowest of ground..I cried once again, and I heard the most precious sound...come, you, my weary one you were never truly simply needed to be found!
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