Who do you Beat for Tony?

Funny thing, yesterday I found myself talking to an old friend (former best friend, one who was closer than a brother) dating back to 1981. We grew up with many similarities, however, were extremely different in many ways. We both are Hispanics (this makes me laugh, BTW, His Panics???) and grew up in the same street. However, he really was into House Music, Kenny Jammin Jason, and Prince…yeah, Prince! It was the in thing to do for the vast majority of Hispanics living in the inner city of Chicago. I on the other hand was fascinated by Jazz, the Blues, Classical and international music. There was something about the mellifluous sound, in which, I allowed filtering my soul.
Don’t get wrong, I enjoyed Run DMC, Beastie Boys, etc., however, it just wasn’t me on a continuous loop. I haven’t listened to quite some time someone coin me a white boy, nearly two decades ago until yesterday. Yeah, Tony…thanks for the reminder. I would get grief from the guys because I would listen to Chicago’s WNUA, Smoooooth Jazz, and not par-take inasmuch to WBMX or WGCI.
I’m extremely fascinated with the likes…the originals. Take Billie Holiday, AMAZING woman who had less than three minutes to cram as much of her soul into a track. That was the deal back in the 30’s! Today, we have some music that seems infinite at times, with no real beat, no stroke and it seems like emesis all over a vinyl canvas. I remember as a child, teenager and young adult attempting to play the sax with my hamster filled cheeks with air. Pushing air out, while I held on tightly to my lips to produce some of the coolest and silliest sounds ever, tone, sounds of freedom.
I’ve surrendered many of things from the past, however, this sound, this rhythm, this old boy now beats to the sounds of the Lord feet! His face, His touch, He’s got class…it’s all about Grace…now that’s jazz.


About savingelbert

I was lost and then was found. I was lost again...only to rebound (in Christ Jesus). To fall once more, I hit the lowest of ground..I cried once again, and I heard the most precious sound...come, you, my weary one you were never truly lost...you simply needed to be found!
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2 Responses to Who do you Beat for Tony?

  1. Jey says:

    Bro, nice letters brought back a lot of memories…. Old 915…

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